Whether you’re building a new home, or giving an existing home a facelift, one way to add a touch of class is with decorative ceramic switch plates. Here are a few tips to help you choose the perfect ceramic switch plates for your home decor project.

Know Your Style

One problem many people run into when planning a home decor project is choosing a style. There are an abundance of design styles and if you’re not certain what you like, defining your unique style can be overwhelming. A great place to start is to do a little research on design styles so you understand what each style looks like. A few of the more popular styles today include modern, traditional, shabby chic, rustic, minimalist, industrial, and transitional. Transitional style is great for people who enjoy mixing modern and traditional decor. You may be drawn to more than one style, or you might find a style that truly speaks to what you enjoy in your home. No matter which design style you choose, decorative ceramic switch plates complement any style.

Stay Consistent

When choosing light switch plates it’s important to choose a style and use it in each room. It’s tempting to go all out and match switch plate covers to wallpaper or upholstery. It may even seem fun to create a cute theme for a room and match switch plate covers to the theme. Your home will look more put together if you choose one style of decorative light switch plates in ceramic finish. Switch plate covers are used as accents that help complement your wall decor. Let your creativity reign when choosing paint color for the walls. Ceramic switch plates can be purchased in white, off-white, or black. Any of these three color choices will enhance your wall color.

Why Choose Ceramic?

With an abundance of wall plate covers available in several finishes, why is ceramic the ideal choice for your home? It’s easy to go with the cheapest switch plate cover and just buy plain white plastic covers. Big box home improvement stores even sell them in boxes of 10 at a small discount. You get what you pay for when you go with those inexpensive plastic covers. They look cheap and aren’t made to last. Plastic also tends to yellow over time and when that happens it gives your room a dingy look. Decorative light switch plates in ceramic are not only more durable, they add a touch of class to your decor. Since they’re easy to keep clean they work in rooms that get heavy use such as the kitchen and bath. With their polished finish, they’re elegant enough for a living, dining, and bedroom. Since they are more durable than plastic, and certainly more attractive, ceramic light switch plates are the ideal choice.