Natural Stone

Natural stone is such a versatile, hardy and aesthetically stunning addition with which to furnish a home. Not only do its benefits include surface durability and easily cleanable floors, walls and counter surfaces, natural stone can also be a viable investment which can see the value of your property increase. Then, whether you opt to use natural stone within your home or as part of your garden landscaping, the question isn’t so much why do so, but how and what to use to get the best results, both visually and in terms of quality and value. To answer that question, here are just a handful of ideas.

Introducing Natural Stone into Your Garden

Natural stone paving provides home owners with the ultimate paving materials with which to create patios unrivalled in terms of both aesthetic beauty and quality. That said, for those looking to introduce natural stone to an outside space but who either do not desire a patio area or whose garden is already partially or fully paved needn’t miss out on all that natural stone can offer.

Natural Stone and decorative aggregates as well as stone circle kits, cobble stone sets and even natural stone garden furniture are all fantastic ways to create or further add that wow-factor to your garden or any outside space. To learn more about how and what is available, visit the R F Landscaping Products website; R F Landscaping Products supply and provide all of the options discussed her and further offer them in a variety of different stone options and sizes, permitting homes of all types and sizes use of their products.

Natural Stone

Natural Stone Flooring

When considering investing in having natural stone flooring laid within your home, it is important to explore your options. We are all familiar with polished stone, which is particularly convenient for use within hallways and areas that take substantial wear and tear over the years and require regular cleaning. Polished stone though is less advisably used as a flooring surface in communal rooms as it can lack warmth and even render floor surfaces slippery when wet or walk upon wearing socks and slippers.

One way to introduce natural stone as a floor surface avoiding the ‘issues’ associated with polished stone such as most marble stone products is to consider using natural stone such as limestone or sandstone which has been given a ‘honed’ finish, such as that provided by R F Interiors as part of their bespoke stone services. Honed limestone and sandstone is usable throughout your home as a hard wearing and stunning floor surface and lacks the high level sheen provided by the likes of marble. Despite bearing a less reflective and so potentially ‘slippery’ surface, sealant can be used to protect and ensure the longevity of surfaces finished with honed stone, ensuring its look endures.

Natural Stone Bathroom Tiles

Natural stone bathroom tiles fulfil a number of important roles. Firstly, natural stone adds glamour and style which bathrooms (through being extremely functional spaces that require special planning because of the moisture they are subject to) can otherwise lack or can be hard to create. The wealth of variation in natural stone tiles and what is available is astonishing, in fact. It isn’t just providing a wow-factor that should get people to consider natural stone tiles when refurbishing a bathroom space though.

Unlike cheaper ceramic tiles which can crack quite easily and once they have cracked become porous and so unhygienic and plain unsightly, natural stone is a beautifully hardwearing as well as looking bathroom tile option that can create a seamless and lasting finish. Hence, those dissuaded or likely to be dissuaded by the price tag affixed to natural stone tiles might want to consider the fact that opting for natural stone is a long term investment, and as such is going to cost more initially, but will cost home owners far less not just financially but in terms of stress and time in the long haul.

For more ideas as to how to use natural stone and how natural stone has been used throughout time and in all aspects architecturally speaking, the Stone Ideas website is a fantastic website and ezine that is sure to inspire and excite.