It is not uncommon to fall out of love with a home that you once thought was perfect for you. It happens to many people everyday. Luckily, the reason you usually decide you do not like your home any longer is because of cosmetic features. The countertops become outdated, the pulls on the cabinet scream 2001, the tile in the bathroom is retro, etc. Cosmetics are easy to upgrade and can make a big difference in your home.

We mentioned a few cosmetic features above that often have people second guessing whether or not they love their home anymore. Some projects, like knocking down walls, are going to be much more of a project to tackle, compared to painting the kitchen a new color. Depending on your renovation budget, you may be able to update your whole house with the help of a contractor or you may have to get your hands dirty and start updating some of the more simple projects yourself.

Start in the Kitchen

The kitchen really is the heart of the home in many people’s households. You spend a lot of time everyday in your kitchen preparing food for your family. If your kitchen has become outdated it is very likely that you do not want to spend any extra time in the room. You kitchen should be one of the happiest places in your home and if it is not, it is time to upgrade the room and make it a focal point in your home.

Kitchen renovation project vary greatly in price and amount of work. There are some projects that are relatively simple and do not cost a lot of money. You can update paint easily as well as change out the decor in your kitchen. We would suggest that if you are only slightly unhappy with your kitchen that you go ahead and make these small changes right off the get go.

Keep in mind, making the small changes like updating the color of the walls and changing out your centerpieces will help short term but it may not be very long before you are ready to make more changes. If you want to go ahead and dive in deep from the beginning, we would highly suggest that you tackle cabinets, flooring, and most importantly your countertops.

Many people overlook just how big of a difference it can make to update your kitchen countertops. It can be slightly on the expensive end to pick beautiful countertops but they really do make a big difference. This countertop supplier in St. Louis has an area on their website that you can look through different images of stones and start deciding what you are looking for to update your home.

Spend an ample amount of time researching stones and make sure that the one your pick is really going to make a difference in your home and keep you happy for many years to come.

Once you have updated the stone in your kitchen you may start looking to make other upgrades as well. Cabinets are another costly upgrade, but they do make a big difference in the kitchen. You can also look through a visual tool on the website linked above and see what different colors of cabinets will do inside of your home.

Updating your kitchen is going to make you a happy person and help you fall back in love with your kitchen. It is simple to update the small things but in the end, the changes that are going to wow you and change your feelings towards your home are the projects that cost a little bit more money but truly transform the space.