Termites, the white ants that frustrate most of the people. These termites cause disasters by infesting the structural parts of the house and also by infesting the furniture. Though this not causes any dangerous situation for you, even small size termite infestation can be a big unpleasant thing. Termites prefer to live in damp environments and are found mostly in colonies near wooden structures. They live inside the dry wood and infest wooden items in-house such as furniture, picture frames and any of the woodwork items in the house. These tiny ants like pests can be difficult to find and catch, so you have to be aware of where to check for signs of these termites in your home. Termites In Furniture can damage the whole wood of the furniture.

Termites are most commonly found in these following areas at your house:

Built-in cabinets,
Window frames,
Door frames,
Exposed beams,
Wood panelling and at other areas of your house.

Winged termites mostly come from kick holes, in the surface of the wood. They are drawn to light, so always look for termites at light fixtures or windows. If you are not at your home during the swarm, then you may not even notice the termites. The swarmers shed their wings after they reach their place.

Termites like the old woods soft porous. These creatures don’t require any contact with water as they get enough moisture they need from the wood at which they stay. So, mostly, if your furniture is in dry conditions, then these termites will not be interested in staying in it. However, if you keep excess furniture or woodwork in the cellar, then subterranean termites could find it tasty. By cutting or removing the piece of furniture from where the termites had their entry point to your house, will remove the workers trapped inside the wood. By treating it, you can kill them without destroying the nest.
Many of you might have a question that How to kill termites in furniture? , How to get rid of termites? How to treat termites in wood furniture? And many more. However, the answer to all these questions are; there are many different methods to fight and to get rid of local termite infestation.

Here are some DIY methods to get rid of termites

Heat treatment

Heat treatment is one of the best ways to kill Termites In Furniture. The termites can not survive the temperatures more than 110 degrees Fahrenheit. So, by using heat treatment which is an easy and non-toxic method, you can save your furniture from termites. This method can be used by almost anyone. However, this method could be little destructive one. Just think is the piece of furniture worth saving? If you are ok to replace the old furniture with the new one and if you have no problem in throwing the old one, then burn it completely. By this method, you can these nasty creatures die in a fire. If not, instead of burning the furniture, you can just warm up your furniture to a certain degree to kill these termites inside the wood. If termites are present in your cupboards rather than furniture, then it is best to prefer another method instead of heat treatment as warming up can damage the looks of your cupboard and as it can also destroy glue or the lacquer of it.

If you find that the infestation of furniture is because of subterranean termites, then you can just dry the infested furniture completely by keeping it under the sun. By falling off from their nest and by losing the source of moisture, the termites inside the furniture will die by themselves. But be sure that, you place infested wood by keeping plastic sheets on the ground.

Cooling treatment

Just like heat, termites cannot survive even in extremely cold temperatures. So if any small wooden object in your house is infested by termites, then you can place them in the fridge to kill termites. Don’t keep it directly in the freezer, place the object in the plastic bag and then keep it in the freezer. You can even use nitrogen for cooling and this even works as best termite treatment for furniture.