Fences come in a variety of shapes and styles and can be used for various purposes. They also establish boundaries – often which is necessary if you want to ensure your privacy and safety. Therefore, when choosing a fence provider, make sure the company provides a full range of choices.

Types of Fence Designs

You can select fences in the following designs:

  • Lapped panel styles offer privacy and safety. They are often used in urban areas where property owners want to enhance the privacy of their garden or patio area.
  • Close board fences are also privacy fences that minimise trespassing or intrusion.
  • Picket fences are traditionally styled fences that enhance the décor of a property.
  • Deer fencing is used to keep animals away from a yard or garden.
  • Slatted screening features fence panels that convey a closed, yet slightly open, design.

Needless to say, you need to review the selection visually online before contacting local fencing services in Petersfield. You can also use the services of the same company to install a gate.


When considering adding a fence, you cannot help but notice the advantages:

  • A nice getaway. Besides privacy, you can also use a fence for a kind of escape.
  • Added safety and security. This benefit is particularly important if you use your yard as a play area or have installed a swimming pool.
  • Noise reduction. A solid fence that is about 2.4 centimetres high can lower the ambient noise by about 8 decibels.

If your yard is not fenced, now is the time to make an upgrade. Experience the advantages for yourself.