India is known to be a warm country and the most season felt in India is the summer season. The summers are scorching hot and to stay cool outdoors and indoors is pretty much required. For this preferably each individual likes to have a cooling fan in their house/office. Be it the bedroom, kitchen, open space or your balcony, wherever you wish to go, you would not feel warm inside with these cooling fans. But there are various types of cooling fans available in the market.

Things to be considered

Mostly electric cooling fans are preferred by all as they help in circulating air uniformly in the space and provides with cool breeze all day long. The ventilation is taken care of by the cooling fans. But one need to understand what area of the house needs what type of cooling fan. Also deciding upon where the fan is to be fitted is also important. It has to be a perfect place from where all the space can be covered with the breeze. The purpose of going for the cooling fan is also to be taken into consideration before buying.

So lets us look at some of the types of cooling fans which are available in India.

Table fans

One of the most viable options to keep yourself cozy indoors in summer is the Table Fan. The table fans are run by electricity and are compact in terms of size. Being small in size, it is advantageous that you can carry it to another place easily. The best suitable areas for the table fans are on the kitchen countertops, office desk, floors etc. They provide quite good air through and reasonable cooling. They are available in different sizes by various brands but are considerably much cheaper. For the personal or official purpose, it is the best cooling fan. You can buy it from any of the retail shops or via online on e-commerce websites.

Wall Mount Fans

Another option used frequently for residential and commercial purposes is the wall-mounted fans. There is nothing better than staying cool in summer with the help of wall fans. The most advantageous thing about wall fans is that you can easily adjust the fan’s air throw in the direction you wish to. Even if kept in the centre, the wall fan provides uniform cooling circulating the cool air from the outside. With high power motor and functionalities to operate, the wall-mounted fans are the best alternative to your air coolers and Air Conditioners.

Ceiling fans

There would be hardly any house which would not have a ceiling fan in each of the rooms. The reason being they provide the best air throw and ventilation much needed in dreadful summer weather. The fan blades help in circulating air evenly in the whole room making it much cooler. There are a variety of ceiling fans available in the market and now even energy saving ceiling fans are available to curb down your power bills.


From a variety of cooling fans like Box fans, Floor Fans, Misting fans etc, these three provide the coolest breeze to cope up with the heat in summers. If you want to buy one for your residential or office purpose make sure you choose the right one! This site has detailed information about cooling fans, check it out to learn more about them.