The ability to dry things is essential in everyday life.  Most people are accustomed to using a tumble dryer to ensure their clothes are dried in time for when they need them; it is not always possible to dry them outside in the sunshine, unless you happen to be lucky enough to live in a very sunny place!

However, tumble dryers are not the only type of drying equipment you can buy or rent.  There are a variety of other items which can be exceptionally useful in the right situations.


This may not initially be associated with the phrase drying equipment; after all, a pump will never be able to fully dry any piece of clothing or even a building.  However, without a means to remove large quantities of water the other drying equipment available will struggle if not find it impossible to remove a large body of water, such as a flood.  A pump should, therefore, be considered the first step in drying any large quantity of water.


It is possible to purchase small, portable dehumidifiers which can be moved around your home on wheels.  They are also suitable for small offices.  The dehumidifier works by sucking in the surrounding air and extracting the water through a special filter.  This water is either collected in a tank on the machine, or, in the case of larger machines; it is pumped directly into the drains.

These machines are exceptionally useful to assist in keeping the levels of humidity in the atmosphere down to a reasonable level.  Research has shown that there is a range of potential health issues associated with living in an environment which is too humid.  There is also an increased risk of mould and the bacteria spores which accompanies this.

This is one of the most important pieces of drying equipment whether you are attempting to dry a room with warm air or cold air.  Absorbing the moisture allows more moisture from the item you are drying to escape into the atmosphere.  Without a dehumidifier the air would reach a saturation point and be unable to absorb any more water leaving the item wet.

Air Mover

This piece of drying equipment is the perfect accompaniment to the dehumidifier.  It works by pumping cool air into the space which needs drying.  The cool air is dry and ready to absorb moisture; this comes from the items you are trying to dry.  As the air is constantly moving the air which is becoming moist is either pushed back out of the building or pushed through a dehumidifier to have the excess moisture removed.

Moving the air around prevents the damp air from sitting still or pockets of dry air interrupting the flow of the air and the ability for the machine to assist in drying the item or floor which has become saturated.

It is worth noting that many people attempt to use heat to dry something.  Warming up the air will allow it to absorb more moisture.  However, unless the moisture is removed from this air or the air is pushed outside then the air will ultimately cool down and release the object back into the room.  It may not moisten the item you are attempting to dry, but it will still be released back into the room.

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