Home swimming pools are just as popular today as they always have been. With a pool to suit every home and budget, you need not fear excessive maintenance and running costs.

If you’re in the market for a new home pool then read on as there are far more types available than you’re likely aware of. Each will have its pros and cons which should assist in helping you decide which is right for you.

Above Ground Pool

The above ground pool is a staple within the home and for good reason. Available in a range of different sizes, the above ground pool can take the form of a simple paddling pool to one that could rival an Olympic pool.

Typically the cheapest type of pool you can buy, above ground pools offer the ability to cool off in hot weather without committing to the costs of a pool that requires below ground construction.

Above ground pools also offer;

  • Ease of relocation when moving to a new home
  • Much easier to install in difficult terrain such as rocky areas
  • The possibility of surrounding an above ground pool with a decking area, giving the feel of a permanent built in structure

Architectural Pool

An architectural pool is any pool that is designed and built as a feature of your property. It is common for an architectural pool to feature the same materials that your house is constructed from, acting as an extension of that space.

All good architectural pools will exhibit some form of design feature, making them a focal point in their own right.

Outdoor Recreational Pool

The most common type of pool you are likely to find in any back garden. Constructed using a below ground method, recreational pools are great for exercising in and providing a play area for children.

A recreational pool can be as big or small as you want it to be, but a larger pool often makes more sense as it shouldn’t dramatically increase construction costs.

Indoor Pool

Only really suitable for homes that are big enough to fit them in, indoor pools offer year-round usability as they can be heated much more efficiently than an outdoor pool.

It could be argued that an indoor pool is the best of both worlds, especially when located under a glass canopy which lets in natural light.

Design Your Own

If you’re about to undergo an extension or remodel of your home, why not consider designing your own custom pool. There are several companies who will be able to assist, one of which being A1 Pool Discounts who can supply swimming pools to homes around the country. Designing your own will ensure that you’re left with exactly what you want.

Once built, the only other costs you will need to take into account are the electricity costs of running your water pump and filtration system as well as the cost of routinely treating the water with chlorine. Pool maintenance can either be carried out by the home owner or by a pool maintenance company on your behalf.

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