Surprise your guests this season by gifting your home an extraordinary makeover! It’s high time you bid farewell to your regular glass panels and curtains and renovate your interiors. Installing solar window films on your films will promise you eco-friendly homes and help shrink your carbon footprints. Homeowners can get rid of overexposure to the detrimental ultraviolet sunrays, as these are capable of checking 99% of sunlight.

You will be able to enjoy cooler rooms during the summer and warmer interiors during chilly winters, thanks to these tenets. Window tints address several residential challenges and help save you on unwarranted household expenditures.

Types of home window tints: You should posses a good knowledge of the various types of window films. This would help you decide on the appropriate kind of film you would like to install on your windows.

  • Dyed films: Also known as colored films, these structures are colored when they undergo the process of melting. Their primary purpose is to absorb the solar radiation rather than deflecting it. It prevents strangers from peeping inside your homes. This ensures your safety as potential thieves will be unable to invade your dwelling.
  • Metalized films: Metalized or ‘sputtered films’ are implanted with metals like copper, nickel and aluminium among several other metals. This powerful combination of metals diverges the solar heat outside the homes in summer. Similarly, during winter, these films trap the heat inside your homes by deflecting sunrays to your household interiors.
  • Deposited films: Such films utilize the many layers of metals, especially nickel and aluminium which imparts them the ability to maximize heat reduction. However, the quantity of other metals used is restricted as it employs mainly nickel and aluminium.
  • Hybrid films: Hybrid films are unique as they include the best characteristics of dyed and metalized films. They are capable of absorbing as well as reflecting the solar heat. These films usually come in lighter shades and effectively shield homeowners from the scorching heat of the sun.
  • Ceramic films:  Ceramic films are a new addition to the family of home window tints. These films eliminate the shortcomings of dyed films and empower your glass panes, thereby reducing the risk of glass breakage. Ceramic films are quite volatile and can easily withstand violent tempests or the shocks produced by thunder and lightning.

Manufactured by advanced scientific technology, window tints are immensely popular in Durango and Colorado. You will come across a wide variety of colors, textures, types and designs when it comes to window films. The idea of establishing these structures originated in the early 1960s. It is suggested that you employ the services of a professional window tint service provider if you are looking forward to applying films to your home windows.

You can of course make an attempt to do it on yourself manually, though the best outcome can only be achieved by professional help. Make sure that your window film shop is authorized by the International Window Film Association, to keep a tab on its credibility.