Cracked brick wall.

Ignoring a crack in the concrete of your home or a bulge in the walls is easy, and often a homeowner’s first reaction to damage. Ignoring the problem won’t make it go away, however, and is likely going to do nothing more than cause added damage and a costlier repair. At the first sign of foundation damage, call a professional, and leave your worries behind.

Common Causes of Foundation Damage

There are a variety of causes of foundation damage to homes in the Houston area. Some of the most common include:

– Soil Movement: Rain causes soil to expand, but when the ground dries, it shrinks. In turn, small movements in the soil occur, sometimes causing cracks in the foundation and an array of additional problems.

– Slab Leaks: A slab leak lets moisture to enter the home from the soil outside. This causes soil expansion, and many other problems. Consolidation, deterioration, cracks, and an array of additional problems result from these leaks. Many homeowners and foundation repair Houston experts agree that a slab leak is one of the worst causes of damage.

– Improper Drainage: If water is not set to flow away from your home, foundation damage is likely going to occur. Ensure proper gutters and downspouts are in place at your home to prevent such damage. Keep these items well-maintained, and foundation damage is far less likely a problem you’ll endure.

– Poor Construction: Disheartening to many homeowners, poor construction is one of the most common causes of foundation damage. A foundation built on improper soil, or that isn’t constructed properly, is going to bring many hassles in upcoming years.

Foundation Damage: Your Home is in Danger

Your home is at risk if you notice any of the problems listed above, or any of the many other dangers that come along with foundation damage. You’ve worked hard for your home. Don’t let something like foundation repair destroy your dream come true when foundation repair experts are readily available to correct any problems that you might experience. The sooner you make the call and get the needed repairs, the quicker you’ll regain the peace of mind you deserve as a homeowner.

Foundation Repair Estimates

Request an estimate from at least three foundation repair companies before you hire. There’s no cost for the estimates, and with them you can learn firsthand which company has the best rates for your job. There’s no obligation, either, so you can request the estimates without reservation. Compare rates, as well as qualities of the company before hiring. Choose a foundation repair company with experience and expertise, and always ensure that others in the community have a good word to offer the company. Look for online reviews from customers and experts, and don’t hesitate to ask friends, co-workers, and even family members if they have any useful information concerning the company you’re interested in working with.