If you’re the owner of a home, then you’ll probably want to do anything and everything you can to ensure that said home is as pleasant as possible to live in, and that it’s protected against wear-and-tear from the elements and the malicious activities of would-be burglars, vandals and arsonists.

Let’s take a look at some upgrades that’ll bring the best from your homestead.


Tearing up the flooring in your home and putting down something new is sure to contribute hugely to both the aesthetics and function of your interior. Frayed old carpets are breeding grounds for mites, which will subsist on the crumbs and dead skin cells which fall onto it. Moreover, they’re a great deal more difficult to clean, and, once damaged, a great deal more difficult to repair.

For these reasons, many homeowners elect to install a hardwood floor into their living space. These will not only improve the way that a home looks; they’ll also last far longer than other varieties of flooring, and they’ll help to boost the value of your property. Find me a Floor stock a variety of different flooring solutions, ranging from stone to hardwood to vinyl solutions that are made to look like both. They’re a Kardean flooring supplier, and also stock products from other reputable manufacturers.


If you’re looking to boost the energy efficiency of your property, then you’ll want to invest in some double-glazed windows. These work by sandwiching a layer of inert gas (or a vacuum) between two panes of glass. This arrangement helps to halt the transfer of heat from one side of the window to the other, thereby saving an enormous amount of energy over their lifespan.

Of course, some properties might not be permitted to have double-glazing installed. This is because of the warping effect that the technology might produce from the exterior of the building. Since the gases trapped within the window are different to those outside, there will be a pressure difference between the two. This pressure can cause the glass to bow inwards and outwards, depending on the temperature. If you’ve got a period property, or you live in a conservation area, then this might ruin the aesthetic of the entire street – and so you’ll probably be denied permission to carry out the installation.

As an alternative, you might consider secondary glazing – which is just a pair of extra panels set on the interior of the window – or some heavy curtains that’ll keep the heat in your property when they’re drawn.

Cavity Wall Insulation

Following the same principle, most modern homes come with cavity walls, which consist of two layers of brickwork separated by a layer of empty space, called a cavity. If the cavity in your home isn’t insulated, then your property will be losing heat unnecessarily. By filling the cavity with a special expanding foam, you’ll be able to ensure that it’s able to properly contain the heat being generated in your home!

Loft Insulation

Of course, since heat rises, most of the heat in your home will escape through the roof rather than through the sides of the building. That’s why it’s extremely useful to cram as much insulating material into your loft as possible. Loft insulation isn’t cheap, to be sure, but it’ll often pay for itself in the long run – if you’ve just moved into a home you intend to spend decades in, it’s an obvious decision!

CCTV cameras

CCTV cameras were once reserved only for the very well-off, as a luxury security item. But this is changing, thanks to the technology growing more affordable. Now, it’s possible to mount CCTV cameras around the home for a reasonable price. Not only that, but you’ll be able to monitor the feed from each of them via your mobile device or tablet of choice.

A CCTV camera will allow you to see when wrongdoing is being committed as it’s occurring, and phone the police for a rapid intervention. It’ll also record footage of the incident, allowing a better chance of a prosecution when the wrongdoer arrives in a court of law. It’ll also provide a disincentive to would-be attackers, too, preventing the incident from occurring in the first place.

All in all, security cameras make an excellent addition to the modern home – they can be cheaply obtained, and they’re highly effective. If you’d like to dissuade thieves from attacking your property, but you don’t want to go to the expense of setting up a genuine camera system, then you could easily just install a fake camera or two.