Dome Shelters

Perhaps you’ve watched movies about Polar explorers cutting blocks of ice to build igloos in the shape of a dome? Eskimo people have used this shape extensively in the past in harsh Arctic climates. The structure of a dome still enjoys wide utility today. It helps distribute warmth comfortably within a shelter. This feature makes domes popular for a variety of storage and shelter purposes, from doghouses to greenhouses. If you require an excellent temporary storage system,dome shelters remain an excellent choice.

Attractive And Practical Shapes

Perhaps because of their perfect symmetry, the rounded shapes of domes appeal to many people. Well-designed domes in a company facility, at a work site or within a trade show setting make a great addition. They appeal visually to people, while also utilizing space in a practical way.

Available in many sizes today, domes affixed to other supporting structures, such as container walls or cement-block walls, may offer excellent air circulation within interiors. The lovely shape of domed facilities supplies an eye-catching feature. From a practical standpoint, domed roofs usually provide better drainage during a rainstorm than flat roofs, especially when a temporary structure lacks gutter spouts and drains.

Lightweight Materials

Today, designers have created a variety of useful shelters using domed ceilings. These temporary (or semi-permanent) facilities offer utility in a variety of terrains because they employ PVC-covered waterproof fabrics that won’t weigh down a roof. Attached to metal frameworks, lightweight arched metal supports keep water-resistant coverings securely affixed. These innovative sheltering systems offer anyone within the interior protection from rain and beating sun.

Dome Shelters

One distinct advantage of a lightweight roof on one of these types of shelters concerns portability. Assembling and dis-assembling a temporary storage or shelter structure that includes heavy beams involves considerable effort. However, fabric-covered domed ceilings permit easy relocation. Companies sometimes purchase these types of mobile temporary building systems to provide utility during short-term projects, emergency response situations, or any other circumstances in which the owners require additional storage or sheltering space on a short-term basis. The use of light weight materials in the design means that owners won’t pay a fortune transporting one of these building systems across long distances.

Innovative Design

During the 1960s and 1970s, the structure of geodesic domes with multi-faceted sides enjoyed a surge of popularity. At the time, widespread public interest in greater energy efficiency and “bio-dome” projects for sustainable, greener living had just started developing worldwide.

Today, we enjoy benefits in flexible shelter design because so many architects appreciated the innovations of domed roofing. Long popular among ancient builders, domed roofs have recently enjoyed a resurgence of interest. The ability to use the benefits of technology to lighten the weight of domed roofing systems in the modern era has resulted in the development of a variety of very useful and practical new building systems.

Creative Shelters For Many Purposes

Dome shelters now function effectively in a wide assortment of industries and settings. Construction sites, road crews, agricultural producers, outdoor enthusiasts, plant nurseries, shipping companies, disaster-relief agencies, airlines and many others use innovative light-weight domed-roof shelter systems all across Australia. The utility of these portable structures makes them ideal for many different purposes.

Enterprises that require shelters for short-term purposes frequently hesitate to invest in new construction projects to erect permanent buildings. The expense of this process may prove significant. Additionally, new buildings leave a lasting footprint on the landscape. They may require an extensive mobilization of personnel and a lot of time to erect. By contrast, utilizing a convenient, lightweight, portable domed-roof temporary or semi-permanent building system instead holds numerous advantages for owners seeking reliable shelter and protection from the elements on a less permanent basis.

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