• Strong resistance to any dents or scratches
  • Easily Affordable
  • Simple to clean
  • Extensive design and choice of texture
  • Great selection of tiling or sheeting

Vinyl’s Background

Vinyl began its use as flooring after the last World War and by the time of the 1950’s it had replaced linoleum with its lower price, and water resistance. The benefits of using vinyl are many, with its low price being at the forefront. Vinyl provides great protection and durability, all along with a wide choice of available patterns and designs.


  • When most people hear the words “vinyl flooring”, they may think about linoleum, (or ‘Lino’ as it was nicknamed). However, modern vinyl flooring is a long way from that.
  • Today’s vinyl flooring on the Sunshine Coast offer an economical and highly adaptable home flooring solution.
  • Made from polyvinyl chloride (PVC), it is commonly seen in places such as hallways, kitchens and bathrooms.
  • The two major flooring types are the standard tiles and self-sticking tiles. When choosing flooring, people should be careful and take their time to compare different material options so as to find the most suitable tiles for each function.

Standard Vinyl Flooring Tiles

  • Standard flooring tiles are manufactured from thin, square tiles in various colours and patterns.
  • These tiles are the lowest costing flooring type, but might are not really as easy to fit as other kinds.
  • If you are in the process of fitting these tiles, you will have to cover your floor with a special adhesive.
  • The adhesive has to be left in place until it starts to harden, and then tiles can then be placed in the pattern you wish for.
  • A fitting of this type can indeed be somewhat messy and may require some cleaning up, especially so for people without any experience in fitting.

Self-Sticking Vinyl Floors

  • What are called “self-sticking vinyl flooring tiles” are an easier option for the DIY homeowner.
  • And whilst these tiles are slightly more costly than the standard ones, they are much easier to fit and make less mess.
  • Self-stick tiles have adhesive already on the back of each tile, so there’s no need for any additional glue.
  • When it’s time for a fitting, you simply peel off the backing paper, put them in place and push down on top.

Flooring Planks

  • Alongside the two types of flooring mentioned above, there are now also flooring planks.
  • These planks are similar in length to traditional wood flooring, but with the same basic construction as standard vinyl flooring tiles.
  • Plank flooring exhibits a special finish, which makes them easier and cheaper to create a stone or wood-like finish.
  • These planks also have channels along the edges so that the flooring can be fitted nicely together minus the need for any adhesives.

Homeowners should consider the different types of quality and finish options available, when choosing their vinyl tiles. Very soon your home will be looking amazing!