Vitalink Nutrients – the professional choice

Aimed at professional plant growers, but at a price the hobbyist can afford, the Vitalink range of nutritional products and additives will ensure you get great results every time.

From the very outset you can decide which growing medium is suitable for your plants. Choose from:

  • Pro Soil
  • 100% Coir
  • Clay Coir Mix
  • Clay Pebbles

Once the choice of growing medium has been made, you will find PlantStart, Hydro MAX, Coir MAX, Earth MAX and Silicon MAX ready to give your new plants an initial boost.

Vitalink Nutrients then provide a range of nutritional supplements additives to ensure healthy plants all the way through to blooms or fruit.

Every gardener knows the value of nitrogen to a growing plant. Use BioPac Powder’s microbes to make it easily available to the roots and Bat Guano will then enrich and activate the compost or topsoil.

It isn’t always possible to control conditions in your glasshouses, and not at all outdoors, so Heat, Chill and Hydrate have been developed to prevent plant stress when conditions are less than optimal.

The addition of Fulvic will increase the ability of your plants to absorb the nutrients which can be found in the following products:

  • CalMag – Calcium and Magnesium
  • Foliar – Calcium
  • PK – Potassium and Phosphorus
  • RootStim – Seaweed Extract

The benefits of these additives are varied. Seaweed encourages strong roots while calcium strengthens cell walls against pests and disease. Potassium and phosphorus will increase yield. The exact products required will, naturally, depend on conditions and the crops you are growing.

Towards the end of your growing cycle, using Buddy will increase the number of flowers or fruits and Finale will ensure they are ready to harvest at the same time.

There is more to growing than just feeding the soil and hoping for the best. It is important that the pH level is correct for your particular plants. Vitalink Essentials is the range of products for testing and controlling the pH in your supplements.

Vitalink Nutrients has been helping growers for over 14 years. Their range of scientifically designed products ensures the best results for every customer.