Our car gets dirty every day and we need to wash it regularly. During rainy and winter season it gets dirtier than the other seasons. It costs a lot of money and takes our valuable time to go to a shop for washing the car. The shopkeepers sometime don’t even take care of the car and spoils the paint of it. You can do this job at your house if you have certain stuffs and if you like to spend a little of your valuable time. It will take only 30 minutes to get your entire car washed and make it shiny. For doing this you need a pressure washer machine, detergent solution, water and enough space in your garage or in front of your home.

At first you have to take your car in a place where you can easily and comfortably wash it. Your washing area should have proper drainage system for the dirty water to pass. Otherwise the place will become wet and muddy what you definitely don’t want. Keep your pressure washing machine a little far from your car so that the water drops don’t fall on it and spoil the engine. If it’s a sunny day than you can do your job under some tree where you will get some shade.

Now set up your machine for washing. In a pressure washing machine you have to connect all the pipes properly. If your machine is an electric one than connect it with electricity and if it runs on gas than fill the tank with fuel. You have to choose an appropriate nozzle for washing a car. A nozzle is a small part that is attached at the tip of the spray gun. 25 and 40-degree nozzles are best for washing cars. If you choose more powerful nozzle the pressurized water might harm the surface of your car and if you use less powerful nozzle it might not provide enough force.

Mix the detergent solution in a bucket and put the garden hose of the machine in it. If your machine has a detergent tank than you just have to put the solution into the tank. Switch on the machine and rinse the entire car with normal water. After the car got wet spray the detergent solution evenly on all sides. If there is some hard oil or grease stain than rub it with some soft cloth or foam. This will help the grease and oily stuff go away and make the surface shiny. You can use the soap applicator nozzle for applying detergent.

Now put either the 25 or 40-degree nozzle and spray the water with it. Spray on all the sides evenly and properly so that no dirt remains on the surface. While spraying, be careful about the water force. Hold the spray gun tightly and spray on the surface keeping the gun in a moderate distance. Spray on the tires for a longer time because mud gets stuck on them. Clean underneath of your car. This machine will be helpful for you to clean the remote corners of your car.

After you cleaned the car keep it for some time for drying. If you are in a hurry you can wipe the water from the surface. Now it’s time to make it shiny. Some people put some wax to apply on the car to make it shiny and smooth. You should use a rubbing wheel to put wax; with a normal cloth or foam you cannot make it shiny. Wipe the side glasses properly for better view.

Washing a car is not a very difficult task and to do it you don’t have to be a professional. The entire process of washing your car takes only around 30 minutes. While you just have to be careful about not harming the paint of your car. No one wants a mark on their car’s paint.

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