Leaving the environment better than what one has found comes as a notion to ensure a healthy earth exists for our children. A noble endeavor and worked on by governments and individuals alike. Surprisingly, the most toxic environments lived in for most people is their home. Making environmentally friendly home maintenance inside goes a long to reducing toxins in the world outside.



Washroom cleanliness meanders around in our minds as a given. At our own home or when visiting someone else’s, it is one of the things a person looks for whether we admit it or not. What most of us deem as harmful in most cases is not the thing a person should spend the most time worrying about. The washroom becomes most toxic when it comes time to clean it, and scrub it. Cleaning products can contain chemicals that are toxic to the environment. A bathroom is a practical sanctuary tending to some of our most intimate needs, so exposure to toxins is at a maximum. How does one clean and use products in a bathroom without leaving a toxic imprint?

The Bigger Greener Picture

Environmental concerns exist in the bathroom in several areas. Water from a water heater, waste disposal, products, toiletries and cleaning name a few of the possible routes that involve the environment. Conserving water continues as a desirable outcome in most communities. Showers, sink usage for grooming, and use of the toilet can consume large quantities of water in one day. Anything that makes the bathroom more energy efficient and less toxic helps the earth. Water efficient faucets, shower heads, and toilets make for a cleaner environment. Thinking in bigger, greener terms ensure all areas are considered for modification resulting in more earth healthy practices.

Towels and Wash Clothes

Towels and wash clothes come as bathroom staples. Buying and using white organic cotton towels or ones colored with vegetable dyes minimizes toxic residue. Using cotton washcloths instead of plastic sponges or natural sponges makes the bathroom more green. Worn towels can become wash clothes or reused as rags.


Washrooms use many products. Choosing products carefully go  long ways to reducing waste and toxins. Look at products and see if it has minimum packaging. Better yet if the rest room is located in a commercial facility see if a company that specifically specializes in green hygienic products will service your business. They will have a package deal on products and services making going green easy. Choose reusable since anything used long term saves money and the earth.

Ceramic and Glass

If possible build or replace bathroom fixtures, walls, and flooring with ceramic or glass. These materials has many advantages like holds up well against life’s wear and tear, holds heat from water better, and in general are easier to clean than plastic. Do the same with bathroom accessories if possible. Plastic manufacturing can be highly toxic. If plastic is a must, look for a number on the product that indicates green practices or at the least buy recycled plastic.

The earth will become cleaner when each individual chooses to do their part in their buying and usage habits to find environmentally friendly products and ways. It may seem that an individual cannot make much impact but combine that with millions of individuals abiding by the same habits, and one has a substantial impact overall.