These days, it seems like it is harder to stretch your money and this is definitely true when you look at the housing market.  You can accuse inflation or global economic instability but what really matters is what you are able to do with the situation in which we all find ourselves. And this might create quite a difficult obstacle for people who originally bought their homes with the intention of upgrading and remodeling for a future sale.

The good news, though, is that there are still little things that you can do to continue making small improvements and increase the value of your home, even slightly.  There are three ways you can improve your kitchen without spending too much money.


A kitchen should be efficient, but they are not always designed that way.  When looking to upgrade your home on a budget, consider making your kitchen more efficient. Potential buyers will note, for example, the ample storage you might have added.

If you can’t add more space you can try installing better Divine cabinetry and cupboards. Similarly, you can get a little creative on shelving options, particularly in vertical storage units like the pantry.  Spinning shelves and those which can swing out when you open a door really help to maximize the space.


Obviously, food preparation is the main function of a kitchen.  Because of this, you can encourage a potential buyer by improving the food preparation capabilities of your galley.  Updating countertops can help as well as simply adding a rolling cart that makes it easier to gather ingredients and store your tools while you move about the room and prepare your meal.


Finally, you don’t have to buy a new refrigerator or dishwasher to impress potential buyers. In many cases, small updates and a fresh coat of paint could do the trick.  White is a classic color and never goes of style—at least, in terms of your kitchen—but it is also hard to keep clean. If your kitchen is a high traffic room, perhaps something a little darker or splashy might be more your family’s cup of tea.

In addition to fresh paint, you could also try installing new knobs and other hardware o the cabinets and cupboards.  An updated sink fixture could be a less costly way to bring some new life into the room; and speaking of new life, switching out a lighting fixture could also do just the same.