If you’re on the cusp of beginning your new life by moving into a new home, it’s obviously an exciting time.

But in order to make your move a painless transition, you have to keep yourself organized in order for things not to snowball into chaos. From researching reputable moving companies to changing your mailing address, from setting up your household utilities to surveying items throughout your house you can throw away—there is a catalog of time-consuming duties that come with a successful move.

So, if you happen to be in the process of moving or on the edge of your enviable change, here are some ways you can achieve a successful move, minus the stress.


  • Use the many available online resources to sell unnecessary items, or household equipment you no longer have room for.
  • Research trustworthy moving services; make sure to watch out for scams, as this industry is very prone to phony services.
  • If you’re traveling a long-distance towards your new home, make sure to have an auto mechanic inspect your car; additionally, make sure your car is equipped to handle your new community’s environmental conditions.
  • Prepare installation of home entertainment services, such TV, Internet and home phone service; compare prices with acute attention to detail that your demands are met; start your research by comparing this cost-efficient, high-quality Internet service, http://internetbundle.net/.

Alert Significant Parties

  • If you have children attending school, make sure to organize their school records and confirm enrollment with new school.
  • Visit your local doctor’s office for the last time and have them possibly refer you to another doctor in your area.
  • Visit your local post office and officially change addresses.
  • Notify government agencies of your impending move—Department of Motor Vehicles, Citizen and Immigration Services, Internal Revenue Service, Social Security Administration, etc.
  • Withdraw from current associations, such as gym memberships. Many memberships do in fact require you to present so form of legal document that authenticates your move in order to receive a refund.

Packing Process

  • Buy all necessary moving items, such as tape, boxes, Styrofoam, scissors, pens, etc.
  • Clean out cabinets, refrigerator, attic, garage, basement, utility area, etc.
  • Equip yourself with an inventory list that will help you keep track of financial documents, scheduled appointments and household items.
  • Pack items from least priority to most; the more you use an item the more likely you will need it before you move, so pack with acknowledgment to this system.
  • Invest in a ‘safe security box’ that possesses all essential documents and material, such as birth certificates, medical records, jewelry, passports, keys, etc.

Once you’ve moved…

  • Install a home security system.
  • Hire a locksmith to change ALL locks; you never know you might have access into your new home.
  • Evaluate your moving service’s ‘level of work.’
  • Survey around your new home to inspect bugs and possibly rodent infestations.
  • Introduce yourselves to the new neighbors; become comfortable with the new community; learn about local events; explore different restaurants and social gatherings.
  • Make sure you know about trash and recycling day.