Energy Plan

If you dread going to the mailbox to get your energy bill each month, you are not alone. Energy bills can fluctuate significantly, and energy rates in many areas are on the rise. You may do your best to curb energy consumption in an effort to save money, but your effort may not be enough to generate the low energy bills that you desire. Another option to consider is to shop for a better energy plan. Energy rates vary from provider to provider, and you can find the best overall rate when you comparison shop. By switching service to a provider with a lower rate, you can enjoy lower bills without having to adjust energy consumption in your home.

What to Consider Before Getting a New Energy Plan

Before you can comparison shop to find the best overall deal, it is important to know what your current energy rate is as well as your average consumption. Your energy rate should be listed on your last statement from your provider, but you can also contact your provider directly. Your energy consumption may take a little more effort to determine, and this is because consumption varies from month to month. A smart idea is to take an average of the trailing 12 months. Your energy provider can provide you with this information upon request in most cases. Otherwise, you can calculate it by looking at previous months’ bills. This information can be used to help you determine how much money you could save by switching to another plan.

Energy Plan

Where the Energy Comes From

Another point to consider before you finalize your decision about a specific plan is where the energy comes from. Some plans provide you with green energy, and this may be from solar or wind sources. The energy may be partially or entirely sourced from one of these options, and you can determine what percentage of each plan is green energy. This is important information for environmentally-conscious consumers.

When you are ready to comparison shop for an energy plan, use a website like to easily and quickly review the details for the different plans. This will include the provider, the energy rate and the source of the energy. Use the rate on each plan to determine how significant the cost difference is from plan to plan. This information will all help you to make a better decision when changing energy plans.

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