Heat Your Home

When it comes to home maintenance, many people tend to overlook taking care of heating and cooling systems.  To properly—and effectively—manage these systems, air handlers (or air handler units) are a big help.  Air handlers are simply appliances utilized as an air conditioning and air circulation network contained within a heating, ventilation, or air conditioning system.  When effective air handler units are properly matched with efficient heating and cooling systems it leads to several benefits.

Heat Your Home


There are several immediate benefits you might notice when you have a high-quality air handler in your home Eco Furnace Heating Ottawa system.

  • Most air handlers already have air filters built in; this keeps your home not only cool and comfortable but also free from dust and other allergens
  • Many air handlers also have a humidifier contained within, which is particularly useful in arid climates and during colder weather, when interior air can dry out
  • Properly circulating inside and outside air ensures indoor air quality remains high


Boilers are large, steam-based, heating systems that are known to be quite reliable, particularly in apartments and multifamily buildings. Despite this, though, they are not as popular as they once were.

  • Because they heat using steam, boilers tend to be cleaner than newer, oil-based, or electric heaters
  • Steam heat is also more economical than electric heat


Of course, you can also heat your home using a fireplace.  These fixtures, of course, allow you to burn wood in a controlled environment with a chimney that funnels the smoke out of the home.  It is yet another option for heating your home that provides several additional benefits.

  • Wood is clean burning, which may better serve eco-friendly homes
  • Natural gas fireplaces can also provide similarly conscientious and cost-effective heating options
  • Fireplaces can also be customized to bring a unique or impressive aesthetic to any home


A newer technology to the home heating and cooling industry is radiant flooring. This is a system which is installed within the floor of your home involving either electric cables or water tubes in the floor that heat through convection which then permeates upward into the home.

  • The biggest benefit is that radiant heat does not circulate air, which means the home loses less heat during the transfer. Therefore radiant flooring is more efficient
  • Because you lose less heat, radiant flooring is more sustainable too
  • Heating from the floor up also appears to be more effective for people with allergies