It is a habit that many of us have, leaving maintenance jobs and performing repairs when the nights start drawing in and winter is nearly upon us.

Getting jobs done just before the bad weather takes hold is ok but if you take a proactive approach rather than a reactive one when it comes to home maintenance, it can work out better for your property in the long run and leave you better prepared when the snow really starts to fall.

Create a list of tasks

A good starting point would be to take a good walk around the inside and outside of your home and make a list of all the jobs that you see need doing.

Creating a list of tasks will help you to take a more focused approach to home maintenance and it feels good when you check off items that you have dealt with and makes you feel more prepared for the elements.

It also makes sense to set aside a day for creating an inventory of everything that you have at your property so that in the event of having to contact your insurance broker to make a claim for damage or loss due to adverse weather or any other event, you can quickly provide all the information and details that they will need to process your claim.


Check and change furnace filters

One of the most common causes attributed to fire breaking out in a property is when the filter attached to your furnace has not been changed and subsequently fails to provide the level of safety and protection needed.

Furnace filters are relatively easy to find and replace, so it is a task that most homeowners can carry out by themselves. It is advisable to check the filter about once a month and keep a supply of spare filters so that as soon as one needs replacing, you can do so without any delay.

Check your fire extinguishers

Not having a fire extinguisher in your property is taking an unnecessary risk in the event of a fire but a common mistake is that even when you do have one, it is not checked regularly enough to ensure that it is still in good working order.

Make sure that you arrange to have the fire extinguishers checked on a periodic basis so that in the event of a real emergency, it will not let you down at a time when you really need it to work.

Regularly inspect your detectors

It is absolutely vital that you perform a check on all the smoke and carbon monoxide detectors in your home on a regular basis.

Many of these detectors have a warning system to alert you when the battery is low or there is a problem with the unit but a few minutes spent manually checking they are working each month is a very good investment of your time when you consider the potential consequences of not having that early-warning system in place.

Familiarise yourself with products you are using

Sometimes there simply not enough daylight hours to get everything done and very often this means that many of us use products around the house without having taken the time to read the instructions on their use properly.

A productive way of spending a snow day in the property is to take the opportunity to read various instructions and directions for products and gadgets that you never quite got around to.

You might be surprised what you come across such as the fact that using glass cleaner on wood furniture is one of the quickest ways to ruin it.

Spring clean all year round

Keeping your house in top shape is good news for many reasons. Not only does it make your home look more attractive and enjoyable to live in but sweeping away dust and debris makes it a safer and healthier place to spend those winter months in.

George Nesler loves living up north in his large home in the mountains. He likes to relax by blogging about what he has learned in his lifetime on a variety of websites.

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