Wood Floors

Carpets are hanging onto their place in modern homes by mere threads, with many homeowners replacing their shaggy floor coverings with more sturdy alternatives such as solid oak. So what is is about wood that is so appealing as a flooring solution, and is it time you looked at saying sayonara to wall-to-wall carpeting?

Wood Floors


Carpets can last homeowners for up to a decade before they need replacing, and whilst ten years may sound a long time, the cost of replacing your carpets every few years will quickly make them a far more expensive alternative to solid wood which can, in some cases, last as long as a century. Whilst most wood flooring is likely to last in the region of 30 years, this still represents a huge reduction in cost and hassle in the long run.

Added value

Adding in wood flooring may well add a surprising amount to the value of your property, making it an even better investment for those who may be looking to sell their property within a few years. Those buying carpets may even find that they actually have to source whole new replacements further down the line just to be able to sell their house, meaning that rather than adding value to a property, poor timing could conspire to mean that they actually reduce the value of a home.


One of the most obvious benefits of wood floors is that they simply look great. Whilst any new floor covering will be attractive when it is first bought, carpets can very quickly look grubby and old, wearing thin and discolouring in high-traffic areas. Meanwhile, wood will suit far more carpets and simply look a great deal more classy in a home than a material alternative ever could.


Vacuuming is hard work. Not only that, but it is also a fairly ineffective way of removing dirt. Whilst carpets will hold on to germs and dust, wood floors will give up such pollutants with a simple sweep and an occasional mop. In turn, they are easier to care for and far healthier to boot.

Spillages are also more easily dealt with where a wood floor is concerned. Rather than liquids being absorbed into the fibres of the carpet and in turn becoming stained or remaining damp for hours, oak can easily be wiped down without any adverse effects. However, such spillages will need to be dealt with quickly to ensure the quality of the wood is not compromised over time.


As if the other benefits were not enough, oak floors will simply be far more versatile. With wood floors, new decor can be sourced without any worries about whether or not the current flooring will suit the new style. When carpets are present, however, should a homeowner decide to take their interior design off in a new direction, alternative colour schemes and designs could very easily look out of place.

In short, solid wood floors are likely to be a wise investment, making a home more attractive, easier to clean, and worth a great deal more, all whilst adding a sense of warmth, charm and unlimited versatility to a home.