Mezzanine Floor

Mezzanine Floor

Some people will think a mezzanine is an upper level in a theatre or concert hall and they would be correct. When you purchase a mezzanine seat, you will be off the main floor and have a good view of the stage and orchestra from above. But there is another meaning for this interesting word.

First of all, the word comes from the French language and the Italian language. Related words include mezzano (middle) and medianus (median). By definition, a mezzanine is a partial story between two main stories of a building. That new meaning applies to a raised platform that is standing independently of the overall building structure but is supported by steel columns.

Additional Space

Today, companies use this feature to create added flooring for storage or for additional office space. They can be installed quickly and at a reasonable cost but are durable and sturdy in a commercial or industrial setting. One of the key benefits, of course, is eliminating the expense of relocation or new construction apart from the original building.

Many businesses use this method to place a steel structural floor over the existing floor with minimal disruption of the daily business. In many situations, it’s not necessary to go through a government agency planning process. When you work with one of the leading suppliers in this specialty, you can have your mezzanine flooring custom-built for your needs.

Choose from a range of surfaces and sizes to fit your premises and get the best use of available space. You will be able to store a range of inventory from lighter products to heavy equipment. Clients come to top mezzanine floor builders in Melbourne when their business has grown beyond current capacity and relocation expenses are too high to consider seriously.

Flexibility, Open Area

Two of the key benefits from this option are the flexibility provided by the design and the clear open areas under the mezzanine floor. Talk with a knowledgeable representative to discuss the details of your business needs. They will help you take the project from design stage through installation to completion. Your project will use the fewest number of support columns possible to still maintain strength and safety.

The mezzanine style of added storage has distinct advantages over pallet racking structures. No two floors will be the same for separate businesses because the needs are different. These professionals design a solution to your individual situation, always making sure that the finished project complies with the Building Code of Australia. After all, these professionals have decades of experience in the field of engineering.

Your project begins with the initial contact and the first discussions of your storage requirements. You will receive a budget figure at this first stage. When that number fits your plans, the company will schedule a site visit by an experienced consultant. This allows for accurate measurement and notation of site-specific details.

At this point, the company will provide a quotation with a work outline and other specific requirements. The design and manufacture process begin soon after and you can look forward to using your mezzanine floor very soon.